A bit about us.

yBsquare started in 2009 very small and fizzed out for a bit due to life.  Then in 2012 yBsquare started making project bags and has been working on unique fiber notions and accessories ever since. 

After all why craft plainly, add some personality! 

This is not a one woman show.  Amanda does make most all of the 'things' she has help in other ways.  Friends to bounce ideas off of.  Husband to help with all things tech.  Friends to test items.  The support of many help keep yBsquare going not only customers but friends and family encouragements. We do work with a couple of outside companies to help bring you awesome fiber tools and accessories.

**A little update about us as of May 2021**

We are growing!  We hope to open a LYS in Tampa soon; but until then we will be getting yarn, fiber, and other notions in a little at a time here online.  Follow us on social media for updates.